About Us

About Us

Our History


The idea of reklama.network was born in early 2014 and, after a some months of planning , Hayk and Neli began sketching out the concept .

On the 1-st of September, 2012, the first internal tests were being carried out. On the 1st October, the first version was officially launched.

Right from the beginning, our platform rapidly began building momentum. Along with its sharp growth in popularity, as could be imagined, workloads began to increase. This pushed us to recruit more talented people in order to deliver new features at an increased development pace.

One year later, we also began focusing on mobile traffic, which was, and still continues to be, in full expansion. 2016 was also remarkable for the fact that we reached the 1 million daily views objective.

By 2017, we were receiving more than 500 million unique monthly visitors, entering the Alexa Top 500 Global Sites.

Since 2017, both our development and our support teams have grown,  and reklama.network moved its operational office to a much larger space.

Along the way, our platform has continuously improved and, as of 2018 , we are proud to announce a new and completely redesigned version, which boasts an impressive, attractive and user-friendly design.

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